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This machine allows you to process any type of dough or mixture with ease, perfectly even sheets (up to 0.5mm). Just a few passes through will enable you to coat biscuits, cupcakes or fondant cakes with a perfect, even coating.

This machine is easy to operate and functions safely and reliably.

Cleaning these machines is a simple matter thanks to the clips that release safety covers and scrapers with ease allowing access to the rollers.

The rollers are manufactured from a special synthetic material that complies with HACCP regulations and is ideal for working with fondant, doughs , modelling paste and other mixtures perfectly. Large 45cm (17.7 inch) rollers making it easier to cover most cakes & easier short cut to pinning out larger cakes.

The aluminium scraper blades undergo a special type of sharpening process to keep the unit clean & operational for lengthy manufacturing periods.

The chassis is manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel.

This unit is a must for busy home bakers & most certainly larger production sites, minimising risk of carpal tunnel injury that often occurs with repetitive action.

Quality Product Made in Italy.

Approx. Total unit size:

* 60cm Wide
* 50cm Deep
* 36cm High

Total weight approx. 30.5kg

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