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Hexagon Cutter

Hexagon Cutter

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Create quirky cookies in a hexagonal shape with our basic hexagon cookie cutter! Hexagons make for a beautiful geometric design, or can be pieced together to achieve a honeycomb look!

Measurements are from point to adjacent point. All 6 sides are the exact same length. 

The 76mm size perfectly suits our standard 60mm embosser range leaving a 5-10mm gap from the design to the edge of the cookie. 

View our other standard shapes HERE. Find the perfect embosser for your cookies HERE.

Unlike metal cutters these won't lose their perfect shape. Our cutters all have a tapered edge for sharp cutting unlike many 3d printed cutters on the market. 

This product is made and manufactured in Adelaide, Australia from PLA which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources including cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots or even potato starch..

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