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Reusable Round Cake Tin Liner - 10"

Reusable Round Cake Tin Liner - 10"

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More Liners are created to do away with flouring your tins, hours of hand cutting baking/parchment paper liners and expensive cake release sprays and messy home recipe grease goops to stop your cakes from sticking to cake tins.

Saving on costs, time and landfill.

There 2 pieces in each pack for your cake tin - a round base piece and a long strip to wrap on the inside of your cake tin.

But that’s not the only benefit of More Liners:

  • They seal in the moisture while baking but their unique special weave allows the cake/bake to breath and rise at the same time. Very different to the wet surfaces you can experience with baking paper.

  • They reduce down the surface browning of your cake. This means, for those of us that trim off the browned cake for a more visually appealing look when cutting into cake, or for those that bake rainbow and coloured cakes, we have less wastage as no need to trim, or discoloured cakes (those who bake green, blue and purple cakes will get what we mean here)

  • You can use a 3” high cake tin and still bake a full 5” high cake due to More Liners unique woven firm pattern, it holds it’s shape and won’t sag or droop over time. This means you have instantly increased your tin’s baking ranges without having to add more bulk tins to your collection!

  • Easy to clean, warm soapy hand wash or pop into the dishwasher!

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