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Aluminium Paint Palettes (2pc)

Aluminium Paint Palettes (2pc)

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This LOYAL pack comprises of a 6 hole & 10 hole paint palette. These paint palettes are made of aluminium making them perfect to use with colours, dusts and cocoa butter. The pallets are easy to clean, durable and stainproof!

These pallets are a handy tool for all cake decorators! The additional benefit of aluminium is that you can heat products like cocoa butter. Apply caution as the metal will be hot to handle.

Due to the round design of the pallets they are also ideal for flower making and forming!


  • Hole diameter: 3.7cm
  • 10 hole pallet: 17cm diameter x 0.05cm deep
  • 6 hole pallet size: 13.5cm diameter x 1cm deep
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