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Vendor : Top Tier Cake Supplies

Product Type : Airbrush

SPECTRUM FLOW Engraved Airbrush Pen

Add a whole new dimension to your cakes with airbrushing, blending, shading and bringing your cake to life using 3D effects.

Airbrushing has become an increasingly popular choice for both novice and expert cake decorators alike, as it allows you to cover large areas of sugar paste, and create your own freehand designs, both quickly and effortlessly.

But, of course, it's important to have the right tools! 

This limited edition (engraved Spectrum Flow) airbrush pen not only looks like a posh bit of equipment but it is also super easy to use - whether you're a master in airbrushing or just starting out!

If you are new to airbrushing, we would recommend trying on a piece of scrap paper to begin with and once you are confident, you will be creating airbrushed masterpieces in no time!

With a comfortable grip, this pen is easy to use and doesn't leave your hand aching after long periods using it - the perfect choice for both novice and expert decorators alike!

This pen is compatible with the Spectrum Flow Airbrush Compressor, and is compatible with all airbrush paints.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is the airbrush pen ONLY, it does not include the compressor.

Pen nozzle measures 4mm.

Pen needle is 0.4mm.